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TSG Prologue 4: Amazing Queen Qin Ye (Main Character)

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I’m sorry in advance~

After translating this chapter, I know for sure some parts of the translation doesn’t fully translate the expressions/words of what the Chinese is saying. There are many words/phrases that I understood in Chinese but I don’t have the exact translation in English.

It’s so frustrating because I know what it means but I can’t translate it (⋟﹏⋞) But I will still keep doing my best la~


Li Xiang returned to his dorm to tell his roommates about the news: We will be having a new roommate moving in to our 301 room and we must tidy up the bed quickly. The three people had lived there for a few years. The empty bed was piled up with a bit of everything. The three people cleaned for the whole evening but it was still not finished. When they got up the next day, they continued the struggle.

The pile of cases and boxes placed on the empty bed were quickly moved by the three men. A bunch of fruits, snacks, soy milk and the electric rice cooker were also moved. After Li Xiang tidied up, he sprayed a layer of disinfectant and used a clean cloth to scrub clean the table, cabinet and bed from beginning to end.

Continuing straight into the night, the pile of junk on the bed was finally neat and tidied. It looked like it was completely brand new.

The roommates couldn’t help gasping with admiration. “Dorm leader, you really are diligent ah!”

While scrubbing the table, Li Xiang said, “Someone needs to live in our dorm. We can’t leave them with a filthy bed board, right?”

The two roommates’ expression: You didn’t need to scrub the table spotless, right? It can be used as a mirror…

The majority of the boy’s rooms were quite messy. At the end of summer, the smelly socks and sneakers’ terrible odour was horrible. Only Room 301 could get first place during health inspection and it was because they had Li Xiang as the dorm leader. Li Xiang was skilled in doing housework with his nimble hands and feet. He tidied things extremely fast, cooked extremely delicious food…even the instant noodle he cooked was not the same as most people.

Whisking an egg and chopping some chives, simply said, he made the instant noodle smelled very delicious.

The roommates often said that Li Xiang was the kind of man who could take care of a household. He could sweep the floor, cook, and warm the bed, the ideal person to bring for family vacations. Whoever married him would be very fortunate…

It was too bad that this guy was quite pure in regard to feelings. He was usually carefree but easily embarrassed when encountering issues regarding feelings. When confessed to by a girl, he would be flustered and would not know what to do. Every day he would live a simple lifestyle which consisted of eating, sleeping, attending class and playing video games. Now, he was still a pitiful little virgin1.

He said he liked breathtaking, regal women and had no interest in soft, meng girls.

[In Chinese, ‘meng’ means sprout but it can also mean cute and adorable, pretty sure it adopted from the Japanese word ‘moe’]

Li Xiang had played Wulin for a long time. His favourite professional player was Chang’an’s amazing Vice-Captain “Ye Se”.

Ye Se was one of the first-class gods in the gaming world, playing a Clawed Emei2.

The Clawed Emei’s style in the game was designed as an explosive close-combat assassin. Its style was centred around the Jin Yin White Bone Claw. It was said that Ye Se’s Jin Yin White Bone Claw took blood every time and was ruthless beyond compared. During a battle, one strike of the claw could kill the enemy, causing the fans who were supporting him to feel extremely happy. God Ye Se was a female character and wore an alternating pink and white Emei sect’s attire. Wielding sharp claws, he roamed around various battle areas, giving people a strong sense of presence. 

[Jin Yin White Bone Claw (Chinese: 九阴白骨爪) was one of the skills found in the Jiu Yin Zhen Jing which was a manual. If you would like to know more about it, looking up Jin Yong’s Condor Trilogy may help]

[For those who aren’t familiar with gaming terms, ‘blood’ means health or HP]

Ye Se was known as a “goddess” amongst the fans in the Wulin esports circle and was a worthy “goddess” in the minds of many otakus.

Although Li Xiang played Tangmen, in regards to his favourite professional player, it was undoubtedly “Goddess Ye Se”.

Beijing, 5 p.m.

Liu Chuan hurried to the restaurant. Qin Ye was already there waiting for him.

The man was dressed in a casual white outfit with a large pair of sunglasses on his face, causing his skin to look fairer. His jawline was fairly slim, typical of the Eastern beauty, except his expression was quite cold with lips pursed which gave people a sense of arrogance and aloofness.

Once this guy spoke, it would absolutely infuriate people to death. Qin Ye had the sharpest poisonous tongue within the professional circle. He could scold without swearing and had every word still piercing the heart, making you wish you could hide yourself. His gameplay when competing was like this: determined, sharp, fierce and ruthless.

Among the assassins, the cold beauty in front of him was definitely a well-deserved first-class expert.


Esports reporters would all laugh.

The league regulated that photos of players who weren’t willing to appear on media, must not appear in the articles. Even though Qin Ye played amazingly, his style was relatively low-key. He requested many magazines and websites that interviewed him to not have him appear on media. The only information the reporters could provide in the articles was the name “Ye Se”. In the game, he had built a beautiful female character, so many fans mistakenly thought that he was a girl.

A girl?!

The reporters felt like coughing out a mouthful of blood.

Was there such a girl who could stop someone from wanting to cry? 

Every article all wrote, “ta”. The “ta” for males! Open wide your eyes to look closely, this wasn’t wrongly written ah…

[In Chinese, the pronoun “he, she, it, them…” etc are all pronounced the same (plural adding a 们). Often when speaking, the gender can easily be mistaken]

Then why were there still people who had mistaken the amazing Ye Se as a girl?

At the time, Qin Ye didn’t grab the chance and he didn’t feel like explaining. His Weibo hasn’t been updated for a few years, it was quickly growing grass…

The two of the most popular experts in the esport circle was just about to secretly meet up.

Qin Ye took off his sunglasses, glanced at Liu Chuan and said, “This time, your return, was it to go back to school to study?”

Liu Chuan said, “Mm. My three three-year suspension is over so I can’t keep delaying it. I only need to finish university to get my graduation certificate and degree.”

Qin Ye nodded understandingly and grabbed the menu to order some food. This restaurant served food very quickly and soon the two people casually ate while chatting.

Liu Chuan asked, “By the way, how’s Huaxia doing right now?”

Qin Ye bluntly said, “You already left for half a year, Liang Haibin took over as team captain. The Huaxia team’s condition declined drastically, entering the playoffs in eighth place last season and got eliminated in the first round. It felt like they were sleepwalking during the matches.”

Liu Chuan frowned slightly.

Qin Ye lifted his head. “Does Huaxia know you’re back?”

Liu Chuan said, “I had just returned yesterday and only messaged you. I’m not in a hurry to let the others know. However, I didn’t plan to contact Huaxia. I’ve returned this time only for going to school to finish my remaining few courses. At the moment, I’m not thinking about matters within the league.”

Qin Ye was very close with Liu Chuan so he also knew his father, Professor Liu Boyuan, was well-known within the country’s academic circle and his mother, Yang Qiuning, was an even more famous businesswoman. If the son of such a well-known professor and a successful woman with great reputations was only a high school graduate, it wouldn’t sound that great if it was mentioned.

To Liu Chuan, the graduation certificate really didn’t have much use but psychologically speaking, to the parents it would provide them with comfort.

That year, Liu Chuan had already sacrificed enough for the team. In one go, he applied for the full three-year study suspension, taking the ordinary teammates in Huaxia to be the league’s strongest team and even receiving the brilliant achievement of winning the Grand Slam. As a team captain, he had already fulfilled his responsibility. Now, he needed some time to discover other aspirations. The Huaxia team would instead, turn into his burden.

At the beginning of this year, because of Liu Chuan’s sudden retirement, Qin Ye angrily called to scold him. After more than half a year later, the anger had dissipated. Liu Chuan didn’t explain and Qin Ye also didn’t feel like asking. Changing the subject, he said, “If I remembered correctly, at that time, you suspended study when you were in your third year. Now you’re going to school and the number of courses left isn’t a lot. You can graduate next June, right?”

Liu Chuan nodded. “Mm.”

Qin Ye asked, “What about after graduating? What’s your plan? Are you going to follow your dad’s wish and go to university to be a teacher, going all the way to being a professor? Or are you planning to follow your mom’s wish and work in the company?”

Liu Chuan calmly said, “Naturally I’ll be returning to competing.”

Qin Ye looked up at him in surprise.

This guy had inherited his father’s looks. With a fairly tall nose bridge and strong jawlines, it made his whole face looked extremely handsome. The corner of his mouth perked up slightly with a smile, always giving people the misconception of trustworthiness. Only the people that understood him knew, underneath this person’s faint smile was actually full of evil tricks. It was the kind that cheated people to death without batting an eye, sell you and still want you to gratefully help him count money.

However, at the moment, his gaze was more calm and confident.

Liu Chuan slightly raised the corners of his mouth and said, “The path is mine, of course, it would be chosen by me.”

Until now, Qin Ye didn’t realize that perhaps the scolding he gave Liu Chuan was simply not necessary. Liu Chuan appeared simple-minded but he was, in fact, a fairly rational and cool-headed type of person.

When he suddenly retired at the beginning of the year, it happened to coincide with the start of the spring season. The Huaxia team’s fan lined up to contact him. Some persuaded him to stay while crying, some scolded him to stay and even some passerby stirred up trouble…a first-class expert had retired. The entire league forum was in chaos for quite a few days.

However, for him to silently leave like this, he was left behind with “irresponsible captain”, “battlefield deserter” and so on to blacken his name.

Half a year later, he returned and yet, he still nonchalantly said with a faint smile, “Return to competing.”

As if all those bad names had nothing to do with him.

He looked at everything thoroughly and understood them clearly.

When he was young, for the sake of the Huaxia team’s success, he went to the school very decisively to apply for a three-year study suspension. At that time, he wasn’t even twenty years old yet. To a university student speaking, making such a decision took enormous courage. Yet, without a frown, Liu Chuan had set aside his studies during the team’s toughest time.

Afterwards, he wholeheartedly threw himself to leading the team. He created various fighting tactics, trained countless outstanding players, turned an ordinary team into the league’s strongest team and winning the brilliant record of the Annual Grand Slam.

Three years had arrived and the study suspension has come to an end.

He needed to return to school to complete his studies and comply with his parents’ wish to receive a graduation certificate and a diploma. Then, leaving Huaxia, he would retire with merit and prepared to use a year to go fulfil another dream.

When he graduates university next June, he would continue to pursue his conviction and choosing the path that best suited him.

Originally when he retired, there was a lot of scolding on the internet. When he returns next year, there would definitely be ridicules and mockeries…

But what about it?

The path was his own and he would choose it himself.

Liu Chuan had such courage so when he retired, he had retired decisively and free of worries. When he comes out of retirement, he would also have this kind of self-confidence and resolute.

Qin Ye was silent for a moment and just said, “If you plan to come out of retirement for next year’s fall season and just in time for July’s transfer period, do you have a team you want to go to? Are you going to return to Huaxia?”

Liu Chuan shook his head. “I won’t be returning to Huaxia.”

Qin Ye said, “You are Huaxia’s first team captain and also Huaxia’s biggest contributor, why aren’t you considering returning?”

Liu Chuan smiled and said, “I have already left Huaxia, to take that back, wouldn’t that be playing the new captain’s face?”

[Face means reputation or a person’s image. You would see or hear the word being used a lot in Chinese]

Qin Ye fell silent.

What he said was right. If the old team captain was to return after retiring for a year, the new team captain would feel really awkward. The current Huaxia team captain was Liang Haibin who was a kind-hearted person. If Liu Chuan returned, he would definitely feel pressured and give back the position. To treat him in such a way, it was indeed really too unfair.

Liu Chuan said, “I won’t return to Huaxia and other teams won’t have a position that would suit me. Depending on the situation, I’ll take a look to see if I can start a new team.”

Qin Ye frowned. “Forming a new team is too difficult. The current league isn’t the same as before. There are full of experts in the professional circle. It won’t be easy for normal people to make it through. You’ll need to find talented players among them. Finding one or two people is still possible, but you’ll need to run a whole team…this was simply a fantasy.”

Liu Chuan nodded in agreement. “That’s why it’s been said that good teammates happen by chance and not by looking for them. This year, I’ll wait and see first before thinking about it again.”

Qin Ye thought about it and said. “Actually, you can consider letting out a word of your intentions. As long as you are willing to come out of retirement, a bunch of strong teams would fight to have you. When you graduate next year, prepare to come out of retirement in July and in September, you can play straight away in the fall league matches.”

Liu Chuan said, “If I went to another team, they would for sure arrange to give me team captain or vice-captain. What about the original team captain? Won’t they lose face?”

Qin Ye: “……”

This problem was indeed a huge headache!

Liu Chuan’s status in the league was too difficult to surpass. He was the league’s only team captain to get the Grand Slam. To have an ordinary team bring in one of the top four tacticians, top Tangmen, strongest commander and the most popular player…

With such a strong person, if the major teams really wanted to sign him, they absolutely had to give the highest signing in history and the team captain and vice-captain kind of core status.

This was the kind of ‘small temple couldn’t fit the big Buddha’ type of awkwardness…

Liu Chuan smiled faintly and calmly said, “No rush, there’s still a lot of time.”

Wahh, I see someone is destined to be a great wife O(≧∇≦)O

But please don’t spoil anything for me~ It’s been difficult holding on to my urges so don’t make it harder for me please~


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If you guys can help clarify any of these, it’ll be much appreciated o(^-^)o

1 小处/男: if someone knows the reason for the dash please let me know because when I looked it up, it translated as a ‘virgin’ but that was without the dash. It does make sense when looking at its context if it was ‘virgin’ ╮(╯∀╰)╭ sue me
2 爪峨眉: I don’t know much about gaming terms as I’m not a big gamer so I’m not sure if there’s a specific term or this was just made up by the author

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